Bestial Mouths, Noir, Aeon Rings, DJ Jose Frances, DJ Cyclonus

Arkham Presents

Bestial Mouths


Aeon Rings

DJ Jose Frances

DJ Cyclonus

Sun ยท March 19, 2017

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 21 and over

Bestial Mouths
Bestial Mouths
"I'm dreaming you," the Voice whispers in the dark.

This is the sound of a star exploding. Its heart bursts outward in fire and energy. This is the sound of creation, birthed naked-raw and shrieking.

This is the song of a world split wide by bestial mouths.

These words gather in about you like a shroud, encasing you in cold certainty.

Vision and voice, ecstasy and agony - a breaking crescendo of majesty painted in embracing limbs and whip-sharp fractals of hair. The aura of these aurals speaks a language hewn from the language of vigilant systems caught forever in a whirl of suffering. These are not cries of victims, however, but of strength. The faces you see moving about in flashes of white light enrapture the mind with the words they spit upon reality's stage. They stalk like sentries, mighty in their agony. The echoes of their edicts rebound across the psyche long after; not nightmares, but the jagged stain of bitter memory cloaked in a caress. There are other things said upon their stage, other worlds born and obscured in an eclipse of horrific intent - but we will not speak of them here. These words are to be heard by you only.

The scents - old soil, the sweat and stink of animal hunger - disappear.

"Wait until it opens," the Voice says. "It will amaze you."

The instruments of these Bestial Mouths are cacophonous: hammering percussion and industrialized synthetics wrapped in the lyrics of euphoric dread. The shapes they form - crumbling mythologies, voided personalities and the clenched-fist orgasmic crush of lost desires-are as immediate as they are intimate, glimpses into the world that these three inhabit. Don't look too closely, however... it's easy to get lost in the night.

There-now you've done it. The kaleidoscopic frenzy has vanished. The shining beacon is lost, now, a fading idea as ephemeral as the drying imprint of a kiss. What you think of as a room is suddenly, terrifyingly vast. No stars shine here, and even the idea of ideas is elusive. The only absolute, in this great is uncertainty. Only the thought of you remains.

There it hangs upon the oneiric idea of Self, and as sense begins to uncoil itself in your mind, you perceive the grinding, shapes of rows of white slabs approaching.

The ceremral chaos of Bestial Mouths is an invitation to dream darkly, a monstrous glamour to dazzle the eyes of the spirit - their texts a prayer to unlocking secrets of the shattered soul.

What salvation you might find there is purely coincidental.

"We dream each other," the Voice whispers, and in a great new darkness you drink this knowledge in discarnate wonder as the teeth close around you.
NOIR is a moody electronic trio that elegantly mines a neo-darkwave sound wrapped in an industrialized masquerade. Founded by crooner and lyricist Athan Maroulis, formerly of the pioneering band Spahn Ranch, NOIR released their debut album "Darkly Near" on Metropolis Records in 2013. In 2016, NOIR released a critically acclaimed EP entitled "The Burning Bridge" which was dedicated to David Bowie. Based in Manhattan, NOIR features backing vocals and keyboards by Kai Irina Hahn and Demetra Songs.
Aeon Rings
From meeting in their Bushwick apartment for the first time in 2011; Davey Partain and Chuck Flores soon became fast musical accomplices in what soon became Aeon Rings
The love for 80's synth new/darkwave and more modern hard hitting electro anthems fueled their passion to create the freshest dark electro music out today.

Melody and intensity are the primary factors that set the mood for Aeon Rings outstanding live performances with imagery reminiscent of Blade Runner,Tron, and the soundscapes to match. All while giving a big nod to sounds that reflect Clan of xymox, Depeche mode as well as Ladytron and other electronic pioneers.

With a seamless blend of hooks, melodies and dark intensity. They've been welcomed by a vast range of audiences as well as great response by Internet radio.
Venue Information:
Bowery Electric
327 Bowery
New York, NY, 10003