Airlift, Robot Jurassic, The Sheens, Shiftless

In The Map Room


Robot Jurassic

The Sheens


Wed ยท May 17, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


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This event is 21 and over

Airlift - (Set time: 10:50 PM)
Airlift is a rock band formed in New York City in the spring of 2016. The band draws on a shared love for the post-punk movement of the 80s, alternative rock of the early 90s, and the indie sensibilities of the present to produce a sound that is contemporary, dynamic and engaging. Both live and on record, Airlift is a forceful mix of shimmering clean and snarling guitars backed up by a driving rhythm section, and a voice capable of powering its way to the front of it all.
Robot Jurassic
Robot Jurassic
Consistent with thier name, Edgewater, MD based Robot Jurassic manipulates the sonic landscape with malicious, precision driven riffs and rhythm, christened with the primordial psychedelic ectoplasm that can only be extracted from the soul.
The Sheens - (Set time: 8:55 PM)
"If you aren't gonna say exactly how and what you feel, you might as well not say anything at all." From Johnny Cash's mouth to The Sheens' ears. Growing fearful of the fading relevance of the music they love and a perceived watering down of a brutally honest musical genre, The Sheens banded together in 2011, hoping to add their sense of truth and raw energy to a once vibrant New York City music scene.

After Guitarist Luke Martin's short stint in guitarist/vocalist Cat Sheen's Shiny Shoes project, the two struck up a friendship and musical connection they deemed worthy of its own endeavor. Recruiting former Volumen front man Edwin Montalvo to play drums and add his pounding rhythm to their sound, the three began the process of writing songs and exchanging demos that would eventually form the foundation of the Sheens' growing catalogue. Comprised of three songwriters with different styles and experiences, the collaboration offered proof that a good song is enough to show what they all had in common: a desire to speak their minds, sing their thoughts, and jump up and down while dancing to a rock n roll song.
Shiftless - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
"Lacking ambition or purpose; lazy"
The joy of creating and playing music is what brings this new Indie pop/rock band together and flies in the face of the definition of its moniker. The ambition to write and perform her songs is what led the band's founder, Cat ShinySheen, to assemble a group of musicians to play them out. After 3 years together as part of local NYC band, The Sheens, Cat asked the masterful bass player, Juan Gallego, to join her. Juan takes on a new role in Shiftless as the lead guitarist, adding punch and drive to songs that could generally fall into the pop category, but often stray into punk or blues. On drums is Joshua Weinberg, formerly of Paper Apes, whose pounding rhythms stylistically support the emotion Cat vocally blasts into each song. On bass is Juan F. Montoya. Originally a drummer himself playing in jazz, rock, and cumbia bands, Juan F. is discovering the fun of playing a new instrument with Shiftless. Influences cross several decades and genres, and important to Cat are the melodies and the stories she tells. Consequently, each song brings something unique to the table, frequently veering away from traditional structures. We all know that the cycles of life bring us up and down. Shiftless is here to tell you about it and make you jump and dance in the process.
Venue Information:
The Map Room at The Bowery Electric
327 Bowery
New York, NY, 10003