Adair Powers, ZEBEDEE, Toot Sweet, Ari Zizzo, Scott Rocco

Adair Powers


Toot Sweet

Ari Zizzo

Scott Rocco

Sun · April 2, 2017

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

Adair Powers
Adair Powers
Originally from Australia, the frontman, Zebedee Row (guitar/vocals) grew up amongst a family of musicians. Though he was never formally trained, he has been plucking away at this and that since the rise of his first Mohawk (age 8). And yes, he's still a rebel today.

Eventually, New York stole Zebedee from his homeland. He was hastily scooped up by the indie/diy scene, which adored his foreign accent, his dashing looks, and his propensity to spark a bone. After an extended tenure in bands rooted in Blues and Classic Rock during which he polished his chops and oriented himself in the local club circuit, Zebedee has now taken up a more diverse sound, something more rugged and perhaps more dissonant.

Today, he is joined by Victor de la Garza (drums) and Rafael Durand (synths/piano), two jazz trained
musicians from Mexico City, Cat Power's Nico Turner (guitar) and Kelsey Van Mook (bass).


On first listen, it's apparent that Zebedee has tapped into a world-weary side of himself: while his past material has a lighter playfulness to it, here we find Zebedee delving into darker sensibilities. Track 1 "Fright" has him nearly crying into the mic mid-song, and in track 2 "Spades" we find him grappling with issues of suicide and drug-addiction. These matters are not taken lightly and elicit first-hand experience; the listening experience is emotionally taxing.

We also find Zebedee experimenting with both droning and fairy-footed synthesizers as well as crunchy, heavy guitars. The combination makes for a refreshing reevaluation of early 90s alternative rock colliding with contemporary dance music. It may get you weeping and grooving all at once. What's more, "Fun and Games" offers a 60s R&B ballad with phantasmal backing vocals and subdued horns.

Zebedee is, as he always has been, a storyteller. His songs contain strange characters and are characters themselves ("Working Girl" in particular), each one of them individuals that exude their very own beauty and foibles. And Zebedee's voice is perhaps the most motley character of them all: he is constantly taking it to unforeseen places and having fun doing so (think Screamin' Jay Hopkins). And like his voice, his song craft cares not for conventions: it is wonderfully slapshod, it thrives on contradiction, it melds the classic with the strange and does so naturally. This is a superb effort from a fresh new voice meant for a new generation of listeners.
Toot Sweet
Since releasing their debut album "American Hymn" in February 2014 with Brooklyn recording studio and music collective Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen, Toot Sweet has expanded from a duo of accordion/vocals and upright bass to a rotating "cabaret pop" ensemble under the direction of Mary Spencer Knapp (lead vocals, accordion and piano). Synthesizing her classical vocal and piano training with her love of jazz standards, French chanson, Kurt Weill and 60s rock/pop, Knapp creates a form that is at once playful, dark, light, and a touch literary. Echoes of this project can be traced to Knapp's senior thesis performance while at Bard College, in which she arranged, and composed for an 8-piece ensemble staged in a wood-paneled grand hall that she had transformed into an atmospheric cabaret. Crooning her favorite Kurt Weill songs in German and French, Knapp was really creating the milieu in which her formidable talents shine; collaborative, eclectic, and performance-oriented.

Toot Sweet came into being just one year ago when college friends Mary Spencer Knapp and Benji Marx reinvigorated their love of jazz/rock/pop genres. For a few months they polished their chops playing classic covers in beer gardens and bookstores and come summertime were ready to expand their sound to include Jesse Maynard on drums. Around that time Knapp began to steer herself more into songwriting and subsequently began tracking her debut record with Oliver Ignatius in fall 2013. The result: an 11-track record featuring the talents of a well-accomplished musician and orchestrator. From Blondie to Beirut to Broadway, Toot Sweet has it all: it's a progressive expression of a vaudeville vibe, dressed up in a modern musical costume, and delivered flawlessly with funky finesse.
Venue Information:
Bowery Electric
327 Bowery
New York, NY, 10003